Getting Started In Amateur (Ham) Radio

So you are interested in becoming a Ham radio operator

Well I can sit here and ramble on and on about what it takes to become a ham and how to go about it but many hams before me have already done that so I will enlist some of their help in getting you started.

The best advice I can give you is look around at some of the links on this page. Do a computer search on getting started in ham radio. Probably the very best thing you can do is stop by one of the club meetings for a visit and some advice on obtaining your ham radio license. Many clubs offer classes at some time during the year and would be very happy to include you in their class.

When you attend a club meeting go a little early and introduce yourself as a prospective ham. There will be a member or two who will be able to explain what the club has to offer you as a prospective ham. Then stick around for the meeting and get a feel for the camaraderie of the group. Most groups have some sort of a program or demonstration during the meeting that you will find interesting.

Now you must understand that hams normally have their radio rooms, called “shacks”, stuck in the cellar or the attic of the house and that is just the start of their little quirks. They also enjoy talking to strangers but not necessarily face to face.

If at after the meeting you do not feel comfortable with the group then look for another group to observe next month.

Happy Ham Hunting!


This page is under construction. Stop back soon for more information.

Thank you!

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Local Ham Radio Organizations

Mississippi Valley Amateur Radio Association W9MVA

Riverland Amateur Radio Club WR9ARC

Winona Amateur Radio Club W0NE


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